Vladika Dmitri was famous for loving coffee. I believe his Eminence once said coffee is always blessed.

I should live on coffee. It is my favorite thing and makes me feel good. I don’t know why I waste time with any other food or beverage, excepting Communion, of course. I would do much better to forgo all the other calories I waste by immediately putting them into storage. Coffee has no calories for me to store, other than that belonging to the little bit of creamer I put in.

And now, coffee has gotten even better. For Christmas George gave me an Aerobie AeroPress cold brewed French coffee press. Let me first say that I do not notice that many differences between things of the same type. A hamburger is a hamburger, a mountain a mountain, an ocean an ocean, a little dog a little dog, an orange cat an orange cat, a pot a black kettle, and such. When I do notice the difference, it is usually not very consequential. Not so with the AAcbFcp. With minimal creamer the coffee is smooth instead of bitter. It almost has a fruity taste. Not sweet, but more like chocolate than burnt toast scrapings. Especially if fresh ground. It is almost like a different beverage. So instead of drinking it for it’s warmness and caffeine, I now drink it for the taste. If I could drink it at night, I may just find supper, my most indulged in meal of the day, unnecessary.

Disclaimer: The water isn’t exactly cold. I think our little spicket heats it to 170 degrees, which is a good bit cooler than a coffee maker’s. After brewing we heat it even a little more in the microwave.