Tomorrow is the Leavetaking of Theophany. During the homily on The Kingdom of God within us, I happened to be looking at the Festal icon of Christ being baptized in the Jordan when the thought occurred to me that if the Kingdom of heaven is within us, maybe it’s like Christ in the streams of the Jordan. The stream in the icon looks kind of like a blood vessel. When we take the Eucharist, we take Christ’s Body and Blood into our ‘joints, reins, and hearts’. Maybe Christ had to be baptized to voluntarily enter into us, which only stretches our connection to the earth a little bit. One doesn’t want to go too far with this or one could get into the “world soul” business. His Incarnation was God entering human nature, which includes a body, but His baptism is His body entering into the waters. We unite ourselves to Christ initially through baptism. After that we become recleansed and reunited to Him through confession and the Eucharist. We abide in Him and He in us.