What I don’t like about Schrödinger’s Cat is that the liveliness or deadliness of the cat only exists in the mind of the curious. I don’t think the cat cares if an abusive experimenter speculates about his death or not. Just get me out of here before I get killed. The question should be how to get the cat out of the box, not passive intellectual pondering about what is going on inside the box. But if the cat were truly out of reach of the good guys, then according to Schrodinger, it is only their curiosity that either killed or did not kill the cat. The dead and alive cat is wondering why that matters more than preventing the experiment in the first place.

But such is quantum mechanics as far as I can make out from internet articles. For some reason, both alternatives exist on a sub-atomic level. This leads to a multi-universe theory where all outcomes occur, even though ours is the only one that we have access to.

My theory is that thoughts and roads with upcoming forks are like the paths of electrons and have more implications than just those pertaining to the paths taken. If an outcome is entertained at all, it takes on a life of its own.