My husband wondered yesterday if a person is not aware of the fork in the road, did he take it in a quantum mechanically way? I will posit, yes, because the alternative and all of its variables were there. Another person might have hoped or feared or prepared for the possibility that he might have taken it, for example. Further, I think that people will eventually become more aware of possibilities, either in this life or the next. Policemen do not take ignorance of speed limits as a valid excuse for speeding.

Which brings up the time variable. Let’s say that perfection exists, even though at present nothing is perfect except God and angels. I will not say Saints because even the ones in heaven aren’t perfect yet: Hebrews 11:40 God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect. Well, since God has always been perfect, and the Saints have never been perfect, we can’t go there because that future hasn’t existed yet and quantum mechanics does not predict the future, but makes present current alternatives.

Another instance: I am not eating and I am eating at the same time, I’ll say because I am thinking about food and have currently chosen not to eat. Actually I haven’t thought about eating the tahini toast, I’ve just visualized it, so it would be more accurate to Schrodinger at least to say that the toast is untoasted in another room and is toast in this room at the same time, due to a decision I made last time I was walking.

Ideally when one is fasting they are not visualizing food. They have their attention fixed on God. So now three variables exist. Eating the toast, not eating the toast but wishing I were, and not eating the toast and wishing God were present more consciously. Lets say the last is perfection, not in the ultimate sense. Let’s say that is what would bring about ultimate perfection in the future. What about the countless times when I have fallen short of that?

1. God exists outside of time and this will somehow come to play on judgment day.

2. On judgment day, the justified will have all their straw (sinfulness, missing the mark) consumed by fire. Their metal (righteousness) will remain.

What is righteousness? Rightness, genuineness, the real me? Does the real me exist now? I say yes. Even if you haven’t made the right choices yet? Maybe just one second of focused prayer is enough for God to work with. What if even that hasn’t happened yet, but will. Does it exist now? In an outside time way, yes. But that’s from God’s perspective. Well, it affects how I’m dealt with now. To me and Schrodinger, now matters.

So what do variables that occurred in the past have to do with you now? Does it matter that you ate too much toast last Friday (the Church fasts on Wednesdays and Fridays)? Not if I don’t today because I think repentance cancels out to some extent past sins. I wont say they have no effect because I still would like to burn off the weight. I’ll say that fasting properly today may burn off Friday’s mistake, hopefully spiritually too. But I could have burned off last Wednesday’s mistake instead.*

Therefore in the future, after burning repentance, destructive variables will not have their intended-by-the-devil effects. But isn’t one affected by that dynamic?

1. Trial by fire makes us able to endure the fire of God’s presence. Will people who made more consistently good choices be better off?

2. Those more consistently righteous in this life will have more fire-worthy metal to begin with. I don’t know if the others will ever be able to catch up.

Back to my understanding of Shroedinger. If you at this moment, since you entertained the thought of having, if not eating or making, toast, as well as not having toast, you have both had and not had the toast. You have both had and not had the uplifting feeling eating gives you. You have also had and not had the uplifting feeling focused prayer gives you. Will having and not having (since you considered having it, and maybe even if you didn’t but someday will wish you had) the uplifting feeling of focused prayer be equally present on judgment day? I’ll speculate that intentions will have some effect on judgment day, but not as positively as consistently and completely perfectly acted on ones will. Lord have mercy. It is because of his mercy and grace, with which we cooperate, that there will be any metal at all.

*Eating toast does not always negatively contribute to the real me, if the real me is the healthy, obedient, God-with and in me. In this life, time matters. So the real me is an eating and not eating me because I am materially dependent. Freedom is attained when a person is no longer dependent on earthly circumstances, and this does not have to be after death, which is the un-perfect pre-resurrectional state of the separation of soul and body. There are Saints who in their earthly lives subsisted only on the daily Eucharist (St. John Maximovich came close to this), and who glowed warm with the Holy Spirit while standing in the snow. See St. Seraphim’s conversation with Motovilov:

“What else do you feel, your Godliness?”

I answered: “An extraordinary warmth.”

“How can you feel warmth, my son? Look, we are sitting in the forest. It is winter out-of-doors, and snow is underfoot. There is more than an inch of snow on us, and the snowflakes are still falling. What warmth can there be?”

I answered: “Such as there is in a bath-house when the water is poured on the stone and the steam rises in clouds.”

“And the smell?” he asked me. “Is it the same as in the bath-house?”

“No,” I replied. “There is nothing on earth like this fragrance. When in my dear mother’s lifetime I was fond of dancing and used to go to balls and parties, my mother would sprinkle me with scent which she bought at the best shops in Kazan. But those scents did not exhale such fragrance.”

And Father Seraphim, smiling pleasantly, said: “I know it myself just as well as you do, my son, but I am asking you on purpose to see whether you feel it in the same way. It is absolutely true, your Godliness! The sweetest earthly fragrance cannot be compared with the fragrance which we now feel, for we are now enveloped in the fragrance of the Holy Spirit of God. What on earth can be like it? Mark, your Godliness, you have told me that around us it is warm as in a bath-house; but look, neither on you nor on me does the snow melt, nor does it underfoot; therefore, this warmth is not in the air but in us. It is that very warmth about which the Holy Spirit in the words of prayer makes us cry to the Lord: ‘Warm me with the warmth of Thy Holy Spirit!’ By it the hermits of both sexes were kept warm and did not fear the winter frost, being clad, as in fur coats, in the grace-given clothing woven by the Holy Spirit. And so it must be in actual fact, for the grace of God must dwell within us, in our heart, because the Lord said: The Kingdom of God is within you (Lk. 17:21). By the Kingdom of God the Lord meant the grace of the Holy Spirit. This Kingdom of God is now within us, and the grace of the Holy Spirit shines upon us and warms us from without as well. It fills the surrounding air with many fragrant odours, sweetens our senses with heavenly delight and floods our hearts with unutterable joy. Our present state is that of which the Apostle says; The Kingdom of God is not food and drink, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17). Our faith consists not in the plausible words of earthly wisdom, but in the demonstration of the Spirit and power (cp. I Cor.2:4).”