While searching for a reader replacement for the endangered species, googlereader, I broke down and started a Flipboard pick it yourself fed magazine and got all up to date on new movie projects. By the way, here is a well written article about women mystery writers. The last theory got my attention especially.

“The reasons women long ago emerged as a dominant force in this most unladylike of genres are anyone’s guess. An innate fascination with the sources of violence often turned upon them? An aptitude for charting the emotional underpinnings of pathology? A keen radar for knotty social dynamics? A high tolerance for uncertainty?”

Speaking of violence turned upon women, another movie project is a biography produced by Tim Burton of artist Margaret Keane, whose husband locked her in a room and took credit for her paintings, called Big Eyes. margaret keaneI was not familiar with her work, but apparently it was very popular in the 50’s. The article links to her works and from the first I thought the girls looked like victims of pedophilia with their sad eyes and reluctant body language. In Margaret Keane’s short autobiography her silence about her childhood, except for being unhappy and shy, and her silence about her parents, and the way she only mentions her Methodist grandmother, give me nothing to dispel that thought. Later she became a Jehovah’s Witness, even though she seemed educated about most of her options. Sadly, I wonder if their embracing a good father figure and dispelling the claims of a son, was a more trustworthy idea to her given her background. She says they helped her anxiety. Maybe God reached her through them anyway.