“Before we move on to St. Augustine’s next step down into sensuality, St. Basil’s Address to Young Men on the Right Use of Greek Literature offers a different point of view on the education that St. Augustine criticized,” Pavel said.

“How did you come by that?”

“The monks at the monastery made mention of it when they were guiding me in my reading.”

“And what does St. Basil say?”

“That there are plenty of virtuous examples in Greek literature if you look for them. Conversely, you should reject the bad behavior. I don’t remember specific stories, but he brought out examples of people working diligently towards a skill and rejecting sensuality and over indulgence of the body. “

“I wonder what his family was like that he found the above so easy to do.”

“He did come from a very pious family of many Saints.”

“Well there you have it.”