This article posits that the reason people disagree about theology has more to do with brain chemistry than anything else. I think that is a bit too simplistic, but I also believe spiritual forces influence brain chemistry. If a black and white thinker sees the world as hostile and an ambiguity tolerant person doesn’t, then it could be because they were born with that brain chemistry, but it could also be that the former’s brain chemistry was shaped by a hostile environment. But people who have experienced stress in their early years can end up with dissimilar viewpoints later in life – some tolerant, some rigid. I think there are more variables involved, but natural disposition may have something to do with it.

A way to bridge these two viewpoints, if there are two, other than to agree to disagree, which the author apparently advises, is to believe that there is right and wrong, but that God is merciful, and his ways are higher than our ways, even though he did prescribe a relatively specific way to believe and live, and that the consequences of not doing so earlier rather than later, but not never, is uncertain to us at this time.