I hope you do not mind my invasive study of your book, Confessions. Since you are endeavoring to take an honest look at your failings, and are seeking to be unbiased, which it is ever so hard to be with oneself, may I introduce a category of thought that I have not yet noticed you employ? Hopefully this introduction would be an objective tool, and not a judgmental hammer.

I have noticed that when I am incensed by the sins of others, often, when I cool down, I find that someone could be likewise incensed at me. It is a humbling realization. So, when you so carefully analyze what lead you to shirk your studies and fall in among thieves in your youth, and therefore gain some understanding as to your not completely corrupt motivations, such as not wanting to be alone and the beneficial skills learned in gaming, could not the same understanding be applied to the disruptive students of Carthage, and the non paying ones of Rome? Or was it Milan? I can’t find it. You tolerated bad behavior in yourself, but not in them.

Yet there is a limit to what one can tolerate – whether in one’s own behavior or in another’s. Sin is ultimately intolerable. In the mean time, I hope we can give each other calm space to work out our own salvation. This may involve intervention, but I’m thinking it would be more profitable if it were less outraged.