Sure I was neglected. I don’t have to avoid that fact in order to let it go. There, it’s gone. I’m good.

The next day they came back from the Aquarium and the Bishop’s converted palace, and yes, even a nap was more important, but that’s ok *just breathe, spandex can do that*. Sometimes you have to wait your turn. Being forgotten or deprioritized doesn’t mean you cease to exist. Existence is permanent because memories can’t be erased. Not even in black holes.

Anyway, I may be simple and elegant, but I can catch a wave! She figured out how to watch for the breakers, turn her back to protect her glasses and nostrils, and jump! I can take a back slap or 200. It’s really fun when she gets pushed up and shoreward. We’re the queens of the world! For a moment.