How can I sing to thee, oh so ubiquitously loved one? My praise is but one drop in the ocean of devotion to your name. It is a sin to be a vain repeater. But it is also a sin to be ungrateful. Some believe you should only extol God or maybe good people; that Derridian elevation is blasphemy. But I say God loves his creation. He made it good, and to personify it merely redeems it from Calvin’s corruption.

How can so much energy be in one little cup? Energy enough to bring light to dull eyes, sparkle to a heavy mind, and power enough to throw off the tyrant who pulls down the corners of my mouth. These accomplishments are worthy of laud! Long has the tyrant pinned them down, and here you come to save the day! I will not keep silent! You save me.

I will not listen to charges of blasphemy. They do not know what they say. They do not know that to safely hold back love is murder. Love must be complete or it kills. Restrained love annihilates its object. But shouldn’t we only love God? The reason you believe so is because of Platonic Either Or! That notion is the source of all idolatry. Idolatry is love without context. Contextual love can love fully. How this is so is a mystery. How can I love you, and you, and you, each with my whole heart? I don’t know, but I must, or I will die.