(tongue in cheek, don’t get all War of the Worlds on me)

The iPad game, Mirrors of Albion, is a must for any Orthodox Christian who is serious about the ascetic life, anyone suffering from Attention Deficit Syndrome or poor impulse control, or any modern person who has unwittingly acquired the subversive habit of frenzied, quick-results-oriented, multitasking.

Warning: if you are not serious about overcoming these habits, or if your list of symptoms also includes impulsive spending or compulsive gambling, run for your life away from this game and do not pass go.

Frugality is one of the required pre-requisites that will motivate you to overcome your above listed bad habits. Otherwise you will quickly and expensively spend your way through the game and miss out on having its magic work on you.

Prioritized goal orientation will also keep you from getting caught up in the endless rabbit holes and needless collections. Therefore, big-spending collectors, also beware of this game.

I wish I’d known to save as much energy and gold as you can at the beginning (an exercise in the value of learning to take care early in life), because you’ll need it later. They both recharge Very Slowly. That’s how one learns to wait and just walk away till later. You’ll find yourself reading *gasp* doing chores *!* or even praying *+* to take up the time. Hints are also expensive, so you’ll learn not to waste them on the untimed games and to replay the timed ones instead of cheating.

If I’d known the above I could have played for free, but since I wasted my resources at the beginning in order to advance quickly, I ended up with a determined one-time-only replenishing purchase that costs about the price of a game download on Big Fish. Hey, it’s summer.