So, if most help is personal, and most harm is personal, at least in my experience, and I’ve heard that most violence is domestic in nature, then I think we waste much of our time focusing on public policy. Or private policy in a public way. It’s not that I don’t believe in enforcing moral laws, it is that I think we’ve surrendered our personal responsibility to love our neighbor and our families and even ourselves to the government. As long as we are law abiding citizens we feel good about ourselves, if we agree with the laws. This is the wrong focus. The government is not the authority on loving neighbors and self. The Church should be. I don’t want to go into policies regarding Church and state, and indeed policy puts it in the realm of laws again. Wrong focus. We should as individuals seek out what the Church says about loving God, neighbor and self – giving alms, fasting, and praying. If everyone did that they would receive instruction and grace to love God, neighbors and self and all would be well.