I saw a friend at a rummage sale of disorganized thoughts. I had no superglue. The weather was nice, the coffee was fresh, as were the grass clippings. I miss Joe, but have to wash my hair, do whites, go to the juvenile section of the library and get cream cheese and crescent rolls without the Oxford Comma. I’ve decided not to worry about politics, but I wonder how I missed Kidd Kraddick. Maybe because he talked about reality tv and celebrities. If they had been Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Gregory Peck or Cary Grant I wouldn’t have missed him. But he seems to have been a nice, talented guy. Before I saw her, I guessed that the woman who died on the Texas Giant was too overweight for their restraints, but the guy should have checked. Lord have mercy. I bet there wont be a new ride built for a long time to pay for it. Maybe they’ll even quit running the misters. I’m too old for Six Flags anyway, but I used to love it. Desire for escape? Thrills? No, I wanted to fly like The Flying Nun. What did Tesla think of gravity? He seemed to like electricity and magnets better. I just like being weightless and having good views. I don’t want to go as fast anymore though. I wonder if horses mind walking briskly and never trotting or cantering. I’m just not sure my back can handle it. Walking briskly is nice . I want to take Joe for a trail ride eventually. Weightless good views. Like driving in the mountains.