A friend posted this video on Facebook of a disabled Desert Storm veteran who couldn’t walk without assistance, and then tried DDP Yoga. DDP is a retired wrestler who developed and modified yoga and martial arts after his own back injury. This review contrasts his program with traditional yoga, especially the type that holds and deepens poses for extended periods of time. DDP yoga, while not a hyper workout, apparently does not hold poses that long, but concentrates more on cardio through tightening of muscles instead of relaxation. If I were thinner, I would not be as interested in DDP yoga. I have a pretty slow and efficient metabolism that will store fat if I eat more than 1000 (somewhere around there) calories a day. My back pain is worse when certain muscles are tense, but in my intro to yoga that I posted earlier, I found that certain exercises stretch the muscles that spasm during stress.

While borrowing from eastern exercises, DDPYoga apparently is packaged for American yo, brotha’s and sista’s.  East meets west, as it were. Critics of American culture would probably have issue with this, but I’m wondering if there is something to energetic intensity. One can compare a deeply meditative closed eye to a quick, intense glance. That’s not entirely accurate, because martial arts is more about the perceptive quick glance, so that’s not the American distinction. The noise I guess is the difference. Do I need a wrestler’s, or Emeril Lagasse’s, “Bam!”? Do I need Batman’s “Pow!”?

Thursday after trotting Joe in the round pen by myself for the first time, I got in the car and my daughter’s classic rock station came on and I thought the faster, louder music kind of fit my triumphant, energetic mood. Ah, triumphalism – that is the American distinction. I’m all that. Believe in yourself. Some who are not comfortable with that, or at least feel they should share it will try to focus on others instead. There are those who are so downtrodden that need more self worth. But I think most instinctively realize that self-confidence is not an end. Confidence can increase your ability to do something. It is a means, not an end. We have to figure out an ultimate goal that involves more than ourselves. I don’t think it is just one other person either. We have to keep moving. We have to listen for where the energy should go next.