I have noticed lately that a certain product that I got from Walmart doesn’t do as good a job as it used to. There may be something to the claim that Walmart drives down quality as manufacturers scrimp in order to sell mass amounts at lower prices. I don’t like that, nor that things don’t last as long which fills up landfills quicker. But am I going to vilify and boycot Walmart? No.

For one reason, I see trends. Cheap stuff was made in the 70’s too, and then “new and improved” got to be the popular thing in the ’80’s. Now we’ve swung back to cheap apparently.

Second, as much as I like quality, I think it’s kind of hoity toity to demand it all the time. Quality is expensive, and manufacturers get rich off of that too. So who do you want to get rich, elitist snobs, or penny pinching mass marketers?

Third, there isn’t that much difference to this non discriminating person between a mass produced quality object, and a mass produced less quality object. We lost the cozy hand-crafted feel for things when the cotton gin and mechanical looms were invented. I like Luddites, and wish the industrial revolution hadn’t happened, but there’s really no going back now unless there’s some catastrophic event that disrupts electric current and makes steam production impossible.

Ayn Rand accepted Social Security because she felt that the lifestyle she advocated wasn’t possible, so she received the benefits of socialism as a compensation. Some people think that’s hypocritical, but to me it’s like pick your misery – watch the winners take it all in comfort or stage a hunger strike. I find hunger strikes showy, over-dramatic and obnoxious. I guess I’m trying to be a good sport about the defeat of natural humanity that decisively happened 150 years ago.