The Skeptic is a movie starring Tim Daly, who was Joe in a funny 90’s show called Wings. The Skeptic is not funny. It is about a man whose aunt has died and since he believes he will inherit her house, he goes to stay in it for a while, not believing that it is haunted as some people do. The screenplay and actin are pretty well done, and the conversations about psychology and the paranormal are very interesting.

Slight spoiler alert. Daly’s character, Bryan Becket, believes himself emotionless until he stays in his aunt’s house and reconnects with his childhood memories as he gets scared out of his wits by scary things that happen. Bigger spoiler alert: Without giving a synopsis, I will instead talk about his psychological journey. There are three possible scenarios given for why things happened to him in that house. 1, hallucinations caused by suppressed memories, 2, his dead mother is evil and is haunting him, or 3, his mother was possessed by the same evil spirit that is still in that house. I ascribe to the third. That spirit sought to destroy him as it did when he was five and as it did his mother. The sad part is that no one thought he could deal with the truth after his mother died when he was five. They enabled him to repress his memories and his emotions his whole life. When the past comes back to haunt him he is ill equipped to deal with it. The psychologist and the priest who knew his story explained why they helped him block his past, and then when he experienced his crisis of realization, they were pretty inept and fearful. “I’ll call you tomorrow to set something up.” Even the psychic who had previously been aggressive in helping him discover the mystery of the house put the ball in his court by saying, call me if you need any more help. He felt protective of her so he was not going to put her in a dangerous situation. Even his wife and his friend downplayed what happened and were naive about the forces involved.

You really should watch it before you read this: Yet even though he was left without help to face the nightmare, it seems that the outcome was that people are released from evil possession upon death, and that reconciliation is possible beyond the grave. I think that is true.