Being ill this weekend has given me more time to watch and write. Wake Up (available on Netflix) documents over three years the life of a guy who suddenly had his eyes open to spiritual entities like demons, angels, and spirits of people. These visions really mess with his mind for a while, but his journey in seeking help in dealing with it seems to enable him to find peace and thankfulness. I found it a bit contradictory that he was able to drive out evil spirits with the sign of the cross made with incense, his later vision of three crosses, and then how he says all devotion to the deity is to the same God and the Church doesn’t matter. In some ways I think that is true though. When people pray, I think they do intend to pray to the one true God, even if they are wrong about who he is. I will not say God doesn’t listen or respond to them. Therefore, the accupuncturist, the  Buddhist, and the American Indian did offer him some good advice and seemed to help him on his journey. I wish he’d visited an Orthodox monastery though. That would have been very interesting.