I don’t know the road to Springtown though I’ve driven it twice a week for two years now. Sometimes I become aware of a familiar hill but can’t recall if it’s before or after the 65 mph sign that marks half way. I don’t have the passing lanes mapped out chronologically from the single lanes either. I got a ticket one time for not noticing when the speed limit went back down to 55. I know that spot now.

It’s a nice drive, sometimes winding, sometimes straight, always hilly. Sometimes the hills are knolls with valleys and creeks, sometimes they’re high up with views miles long. They’ve just resurfaced sections at a time so that you can hear all the instruments in your song for seconds at a time before they’re drowned out by a few more seconds of imbedded gravel static.

It’s more important to know your country roads than your interstate or city roads. You’ll just have to trust me.