There’s a new phone commercial advertising better resolution for its camera zooming. This capability will insure that parents don’t clobber each other while trying to get close enough to take pictures of their children at recitals. So better technology is the answer for passionate people who otherwise can’t keep themselves from being barbaric to each other? The parents with the new phone are calmly and serenely sitting in the back. But surely we’re not supposed to live with grainy pictures of our children! Nor are we to be expected to take two hand-held devices, one being a good camera, to recitals! Stomping is inevitable without better cameras on our phones!

The parents with the new phone seem to have something more going for them than just a better camera-phone. They probably never get in those messy situations because of their superior decision-making in general. You also don’t get the impression they’re hyper about doing research or that they spend a lot of energy shopping. They just seem to glide through life with the right priorities. It’s almost as if they don’t even need pictures of their kids. Could there be good, calm parents in the back of the room not trying to take pictures? Don’t they know how important it is to capture the moment for the future? To own this information without relying on a decaying, faulty memory? Knowledge is control, don’t you know, and the more perfect the knowledge, the more control you have.

But as much as I love cute pictures of my kids, I will say that a person can live on after devastating losses of photographs due to fire, divorce, or poor resolution. I wonder how much we’ll care to remember the details of this life in the next one. Especially since the eternalness of a person’s soul always stays with you, whether you are conscious of it or not. It is also noteworthy that icons of Saints often survive fires and floods.