I had occasion recently to read a bit of the western Christian, St. John of the Cross, whose poems are of eros between Christ and the Church, or at least the author. Rather than analyze it, I will speak to him.

St. John, as I must call you even if you are not canonized by my Orthodox Church, I wonder if much of your poetry could be said to a human. Or maybe our best love songs are better directed to God, and may speak more of a longing for him, the best fulfiller of our desires. But my problem lies with the nature of our desires. Could these desires be fallen? But what of Song of Solomon?, you say. To that I feel more comfortable saying that in as much as we desire erotic love, God is more. But erotic love is our best earthly analogy. I think Theosis is different and less base. So as we have to do with everything we love, we have to forsake that which is less than divine. To think that our expectations of erotic love will be better fulfilled by God than man is to miss the mark, I think. It wont be just more, it will be different.

I don’t mean it will be different in a transcendent, otherworldly way either. That is gnostic. Incarnation is something different filling creation. Peace that passes understanding. Peace on earth and good will towards men. I am wondering if some of this erotic fancying that goes for prayer is escapism. But then I may be avoiding intimacy.