What if everything bad that happens is the man’s fault? If this is true, I find it inconsistent for modern men to blame feminists for taking their jobs away, for example. If this is a legitimate problem, it’s still the man’s fault, or he has no right to say men are the rightful job holders if he was unable to keep the jobs from women in the first place. Maybe the women would have stayed home with the kids if they had had better husbands/fathers/providers. If they didn’t, then whose fault is that? Could it be the previous fathers and not the mothers?

I’m not proposing that women are sinless, nor that they have nothing to confess, nor that they can’t do damage. But what if hierarchy is necessarily functional and not just an arbitrary rule of order? What if Adam had real responsibility for Eve’s preceeding his fall into sin, and not just patronizing, noble taking of responsibility? What if Eve requires this acknowledgment as a weaker vessel? What if her sin was from his not providing for her weaker nature that made her vulnerable to temptation?

But many women often assume responsibility when things go wrong. And many men let them. Perhaps this is where anger, violence, and descrimination against women starts. But Mary is a protectress. How can she be if women can’t overcome masculine violence? Because of her Savior. Christ is responsible for her strength.

So if you feel your mother done you wrong and let you down, then could it be your father’s or her father’s fault? Or your father’s father’s fault? Maybe this is why God had to be born of a woman. And this is why God had to be a man. If the fault lies with men, men have to fix it.

So if men are ontologically stronger, and thus responsible, and Christ is the strongest man (who took the blame and died [doesnt have to be Protestant atonement theory]), and the Orthodox Church is the Body of Christ, then we should man up and take the blame for the schisms (divorces) that have happened in the Church. We blame the Protestants on the Catholics, but could/should we blame the non-Chalcedonians and Catholic partings on ourselves? We may have been right in the disputes, but was there already alienating neglect or abuse that preceded them, that made them vulnerable?

And now 1500 and 1000 and 500 years later, is the Orthodox Church ready to take that responsibility and fix it? Listen to this interview with Rick Warren, who wrote the very popular, Purpose Driven Life, is the go-to pastor for presidents, like Billy Graham was, and started Saddleback Church, which has 20,000 members. In this interview he says he (in a reverse Hunt For Red October way?) has invited our Patriarchs to visit him. I don’t think they’ve taken him up on it. Perhaps Metropolitan Hilarion is the one he needs? If they don’t, could they be neglecting an opportunity to heal the schism with the Protestants and then the Catholics who would surely take notice, as would the non-Chalcedonians. Are we ready for this?!