Today is Friday the 13th. Detective Reyes came upon a lifeless blog titled, Sine Nomine, sitting in a ritualistic pose, gagged, and bound. He clicked on some options and found a text box.

“Live”, he wrote.

“What’s it to you?” popped up in the comments.

“Death is depressing.”

“In general?”

“Yes. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, but so is un-interactive life.”

“I suppose it is the same thing. Forgive us,” wrote the detective.

“Usually cut-off things take reconditioning and can’t just jump back to life. I doubt you have the commitment.”

“You are right. I just came here because it is Friday the 13th, and I got in the mood for fiction.”

“I’ve got a story.”


“There’s another detective, named Kirkpatrick, who catches thieves as they go through airport security.”

“Who would be so dumb as to take stolen property through an x-ray machine?”

“He doesn’t find their property. It’s their kidneys that give them away.”


“Walmart found that the big bags of M&M’s displayed by the entrances decrease in inventory while hardly any are sold. So, they conspired with the manufacturer to put radioactive dye in their red M&M shells that go in the large bags, which size are only set out in that location.”

“So, you catch a lot of fat petty thieves, and their children and friends whom they give them to.”

“You’d think, but it turns out that folks who steal M&M’s eat them secretly and don’t share them. Plus they have usually stolen other things too. The judge makes a deal with them that they wont prosecute if they’ll return all their stolen property.”

“What’s to keep them from not turning it all in?”

“Nothing. The goal isn’t to tightly control behavior, but to make the thieves uncomfortable. Knowing someone can see you do bad things has a powerful effect in and of itself.”

“But couldn’t that type of surveillance be classified as an illegal search without a warrant?”

“A person who goes through airport security voluntarily lets their person and their effects be searched.”

“But that’s for things that can harm others on an flight.”

“But they can search for thieves at airports.”

“Known thieves.”