You can’t say that.

But you have to be cutting edge to make it. You have to be willing to break the rules. They call it being gutsy.

That’s because it gets people’s adrenaline pumping. They’ve gotten addicted to adrenaline.

Yes, it makes them feel alive. Being asleep isn’t really life.

Dreaming is nice.

That’s escapism.

So the choices are fight or escape?

Or conversation, which is really neither. It makes you deal with reality. Confession does anyway.

What if you talk to yourself?


That’s assuming you’re alone when you talk to yourself.

You can get delusional speculating about who might be in there with you, and what they are contributing.

Writers imagine different points of view and illustrate them in dialogue. Is that narcissistic?

If a person is to love others as one loves onesself, then he has to listen and talk to others as much as he listens or talks to himself. People shouldn’t get stuck in their own head.

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Sittin by the dock of the bay

watchin the tide roll away

watchin the ships go in

then I watch them roll away again.

That’s not a dream nor a fight. The relationship is with the water and the boats. They keep the loneliness from being absolute. And they can symbolize those who are absent. The absence causes trauma so that the absent person comes to symbolize trauma. If the trauma hurts then fight and flight. If the ships leaving symbolizes the people leaving why not leave the dock? Why still sit there watching it go? Because of the water. The water slows it down so it’s a gentle leaving, and it stays in the middle so they can come back. And there’s more of it than there are tears, so there’s something bigger than grief.