This is what the Eurythmics’s Beethoven is about: The problem isn’t that clean domesticity is boring, or that if you don’t you’ll go to jail. The problem is that bad things have happened and aren’t expressed by doing everything right. But doing everything wrong isn’t enough to fix it either. It is cathartic as it makes the outside match the inside, but then either you just keep messing things up or you have to clean them up or just become cynically passive and just look at and describe the mess.

If you choose to clean them up, you can also become cynically passive and look at and describe the symmetry (nod to “Quicksand” further down). Either way is dead inside.

If life is to be prayer, you describe the mess and clean it up as a request for life to come from God instead of from a clean environment.

I think the ’50’s masked how messed up the world was after WWI and WWII. The ’60’s expressed it. Then computer technology gave us new excitement, but that’s proving unfulfilling. Was the world messed up before the world wars? Civil war, yes. Revolutions and Napoleon, yes. Crusades, yes. Byzantium was the millennium. What next? Orthodoxy reaches the west, and…?