Or Ernst Tenaja in Big Bend National Park. Just five miles up the bumpy dirt and rock Old Ore Road north of the beautifully paved east-west road. On the way north you’ll pass the grave of
“Twenty-six-year-old Juan de Leon may have been on his way to or from the tinaja when someone shot and killed him along the trail leading up to the water hole on July 19, 1932. Not found until several days later, he was buried where he died, his murder never solved. A concrete cross marks his rock-covered grave. The simple monument bears an equally simple epitaph, “E.P.D.,” (for En Paz  Descanse, Rest in Peace.)” from here.

Then you walk into the incredibly colorful and striated canyon to a series of tenajas which means clay jar. One of them is really big with steep slick sides that will trap you if you slip in.