Sunday evening Rachel and I headed south about an hour on 171 and 174 to try our hand at the Chisholm Trail Park boat ramp on the downstream side of Kimball Bend. I’d originally planned to put into the Brazos at Kimball Bend Park, but an online review said it had no public access. As it was, at the entrance of Chisholm Trail Park it said admission $5, to be put in the honor box with vehicle information. So, sight unseen, I paid. We winded down between the pot holes, which my trailer complains about, to the dried mud-covered ramp. Recent flooding has left mud on everything 10 feet above the still swollen river. Maybe they’re waiting for more rain to wash it down. I wish it would wash up to fill in the pot holes.

There were a surprising number of trailers parked in these boonies, about 14 miles upriver from the mouth of Lake Whitney. They were for motor boats for water skiers, swimmers, and river speeders. As obnoxious as motor boats are, it’s fun to head into their wakes.

It was about 5 o’clock when we put in and peddled upstream to what the Terrain button showed me were some nice ridges. The high limestone bluffs, starting just up from the ramp, did not disappoint. We kayaked past Owl Hollow, to the most dramatic limestone cliffs of Broke Rock and Bailey Hollow on past Opossum Hollow and Ham Creek Park, which was closed with more severe flooding damage. You couldn’t even see the boat ramp for the amount of mud, and there was a large tree trunk on top of one of the picnic shelters.

We went on a little ways more because of the nice ankle deep water trees that were shading us from the setting sun. I figure we went almost six miles.

The setting sun however seemed to slow the current.

We had to peddle pretty hard with our Mirage Drives to make it back to our ramp before it got dark.

It was darker than this photo shows

There was only one boat still out: the swimmers we saw just before we turned back. Oh yes, a little before we turned back downstream we saw a trick skier who did some crazy corkscrews in the air while we ate our snacks. Pretty good dinner and a show! The swimmer boat let us beach first and then figured there was enough room for both of us as it takes us a while to put the wheels under one kayak, pull it to the trailer, then bring them back for the other kayak. They were nice and shown their headlights on our trailer while we both tied up.

This was our most scenic trip yet. Looks like you have to drive an hour to get somewhere special. Tonight we’ll stick to the Tin Top ramp and try to make it past Horseshoe Bend as the Terrain map says there’s more ridges that way.