George went with me on my next trip on a Friday morning. We went the same direction upriver for a ways. After Campbell Island, where we take the shady route around, we came to a house that is for sale, but which had some people on the dock. One man, our age, was getting in his Hobie Adventure Island, which has the Mirage Drives, one seat, pontoons, and a huge sailing mast. He was about our age and offered to race. We said sure, but I don’t think anyone was serious because we just slowly pedaled. We talked about our yaks and then he told us about Sanchez Creek, which inlet I had noticed before. I thought it was just a little cove. He said it goes all the way to I-20, but he didn’t know how deep it was. George and I went up it just a little way around a couple of bends, which were plenty wide and deep. His back and knee started hurting so we turned back. This was his first distance trip, which was at least 3 miles round.

Later that evening Rachel and I ventured up the creek without our paddles. For most of it. This time I used my new Gaia hiking app which tracks your course, gives you your speed, distance, altitude, times you, etc. We made it 1.3 miles at 2.2 mph before it got too shallow even to paddle. Gaia’s topo map and google maps both just give you a solid blue line meandering up for miles to behind the Weatherford Walmart. It would be fun to kayak to Walmart. The Satellite View of the Brazos gives you the severe drought conditions that existed until the spring floods of the last 2 years. The traffic map shows what it’s like at full level, which we are close to, but not at completely anymore with our hot, but unusually moist summer this year. It’s a good time to venture though. The drought map shows the creek with water in pockets with dry stretches in between. I assume these are currently dragging shallows. A lot of the water has a thin skim of algae too. We could have dragged and floated a ways more, but I was getting my stitch in my side and I wanted to see if we could push downstream from our local ramp the 4 extra miles to the mouth of Lake Granbury where George could pick us up with the trailer. So we turned back.

My stitch, maybe because it was my second trip of the day, just kept getting worse, so we decided to take out at our local ramp and call it a day.