Rachel and I added another 8 miles to our Brazos tour from Hunter Park, our previous termination point, to the Granbury Marina. I thought it was about 4 miles, but it is 8 miles from ramp to ramp. Thus we did not make it to De Cordova dam, which is probably more than my calculated 14 miles away from where we took out. That’ll be another day starting from where we left off because I don’t think we can make it the whole 22 miles, or more, yet. My side is still splinting. Maybe because of the fast. Here’s the track:

A cool front had come in last night bringing rain to the area, so there was a nice cool tail wind much of the journey. It was also cloudy and the water surface was cooler too, so we weren’t aware we were getting sunburned till it was too late and the clouds had broken up. This was another reason we stopped short of our goal. Conditioning is hard work. I can’t wait to be able to do 20 miles in one day, because then I can make it from Possum Kingdom Dam to Rochelle’s canoe rental, which is the next ramp after one of the most scenic river trips you can take, way upriver from us. There’s a lot more hills and rock formations up there. It’s a bit more than an hour’s drive northwest to the put-in place on Hwy 16. I hope to be up to it before they stop releasing water from the dam so that we can use our Mirage Drive fins and rudder most of the way. We oar’d it for a little while today just for the exercise, but it was much slower and harder going.

The stats for today’s trip showed that our average moving speed was 2.6mph. Combined with stops, it took us 3 hours and 25 minutes. Our average speed was 2.4 mph, so 20 miles should take about 10+ hours. We need to do the Possum Kingdom trip before the fall equinox too so that we have enough daylight. It’s recommended that you camp overnight for that trip and thus do 10 miles a day. But the articles I’ve read account for lots of fishing, fruitless arrow head hunting, and 2 hours to set up camp before dark. I’d rather get it done in a day and sleep in my own bed. I hope there’s not a good reason no one’s blogged about doing that.