I have been scouting Keen all terrain water shoes for a while. They are kind of expensive, so I’ve agonized over finding sales and not seeing any in my size. Size 5 people rejoice. The Newports are the most heavy duty, and my husband did find some at Granbury Marina for 40% off. They are a little clunky and heavy, but comfortable. He likes more protection and wears tennis shoes kayaking. Not any more, once it cools off and the ragweed calms down enough for him to go. I really liked the Venice sandals, which are lighter, prettier, and less strappy, but couldn’t find any in my size anywhere, even for full price. Maybe they’re fazing them out. I was about to get the Whisper sandals, which may be pretty enough even for Church and has lots of straps, but which are thinner; until I read that the traction pattern on the Whispers is way less grippy than the Newport or Venice, which share the same tread. Then I clicked on the everysize Clearwater sandals, which turns out to also share the same tread, but with a lighter sole. However they looked as if they tended more to being a water shoe, which I didn’t want them exclusively for. The reviews said otherwise. I ordered these before I read this stellar review on the Keen site, which completely suits my purposes and past experience:

At the beginning of June 2016 I hiked into Havasu Canyon in Arizona for a backpacking/camping trip to Havasu Falls. The hike consists of 11.5 mi of rocky, gravelly, sandy trail one-way. On the way down you drop about 2000 ft in elevation within the first 2 ish miles which consists entirely of switchbacks down a canyon wall. It was awesome and beautiful and fun. And then the blisters set in. By about mile 8 the entire backs of both of my heels were giant blisters. I was wearing non-Keen hiking boots. I never had a problem with these boots before but this was the first big trip I took them on. Anywho, I couldn’t really walk, I was limping, it was bad. Then, my boyfriend suggested that I try wearing the Keen water shoes I brought. THEY SAVED ME. The strap went above my blisters and the back is totally open so I felt no pain at all while wearing them the last few miles to the campground. By the time we had to hike out two days later, I still couldn’t stand to put on my hiking boots, so I just wore these water shoes! They lasted the full 11.5 miles of rocks, gravel, and sand beautifully! My feet were completely comfortable. I just cannot say enough good things about them. I will be buying more pairs when mine wear out, but they’re still in fantastic shape and it looks like they’re going to last a long time! Extremely quality shoes. Absolutely recommend. (The picture I uploaded is of my shoes covered in dust in the parking lot at the trailhead after we hiked out.) Thank you, thank you Keen. Your shoes saved my life.