My house is a couple of miles southwest of the watershed border between the Brazos and the Trinity River basins. We are on the Brazos side, and the river itself is only 6 miles southwest of our house. That means that most of the tributary creeks run north from the edge of the Texas hill-country. South of that is the Colorado River basin (east of the Rockies, no relation to the one that formed the Grand Canyon), which is probably more scenic. However the Brazos has its scenic bits too; mostly northwest of here along what’s known as the John Graves Scenic Riverway that flows downstream from the Possum Kingdom dam and the Hwy 16 bridge, through the Palo Pinto “Mountains” 19 miles to the Hwy 4 bridge, which my daughter and I peddle kayaked in one glorious day.

Today I was looking at Trulia properties for sale along the Brazos and found Oaks Crossing road that dead ends on either side of the river, maybe 1/4 of the way between the Hwy 180 and 281 bridges. The highway bridges are pretty far apart, and the land in between is private, so canoe/kayak put in/out places are hard to come by. Apparently this is a public crossing, so maybe I could get picked up there if I put in about 10 miles upstream at Hwy 180. I came across another Brazos River book, Bridges Over the Brazos exerpted by goodreads indicating the crossing was used by pioneers and cattlemen as a shallow crossing spot. If the river is low, one could probably drive across in a high clearance vehicle, but many have gotten stuck trying. I’ll have to check it out.